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Silk-Rose Heatless Curler


A heatless silk curler made of 22 Momme Mulberry Silk with 6A Grading exists to create beautiful, effortless waves and bouncy, luscious curls. This plush silk curler is designed to optimize your hair's hydration level, reduce unwanted frizz, and improve hair strength and shine, all while saving you time, energy and the health of your hair.

Gentle on the hair
Locks in hydration
Prevents breakage
Shiny and smooth hair
Tames unwanted frizz

The Silk-Rose Curler is 35" (90 cm) long and 1" (2.5 cm) thick, curated for short to long hair length. It is filled with eco-friendly plush cotton for extra comfort when sleeping. The Silk Scrunchie is 1.9" (5 cm) in diameter. All silk goods are made of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk with 6A grading and 100 Standard by OEKO-TEX certified.

What's Included

1x Silk Curler
2x Silk Scrunchies
1x Hair Claw Clip

Video Tutorial #1
Video Tutorial #2

Start with 90% dry hair or use a styling cream on slightly damped or dry hair, then clip the silk curler to the top of your head and split hair into two sections.
Take a small section of your hair, starting from the front of your head, and tightly wrap it over the silk curler away from your head.
Add another small section of hair to the first section and continue tightly wrapping it over the silk curler.
Repeat by adding another small section to each section you previously wrapped until you run out of hair to wrap and secure the bottom with the silk scrunchie provided. Repeat the process on the other side.
Optional: Take both sections of the silk curler and tie them together to the back of your head for extra security.

For best results leave the silk curler on for 3-8 hours or overnight. Results may vary based on hair's length and thickness.

Q: What kind of curls can I get from the Silk-Rose heatless curler?
A: What's so special about the Silk-Rose Heatless Curler is that you can create different looks with it, such as bouncy curls or loose curls. The longer and tighter you wrap your hair with the curler - the tighter and bouncier it gets. However, if you want loose curls, make sure it's not too loose to the point your hair is slipping out.

Q: How can I get my curls to last all day?
For curls to last, we highly suggest using the silk curler with slightly damp hair. You may also use a styling cream before application or hair spray.


Before and After