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Silk In Your Beauty Routine

Skin first, hair second

Discover our bar menu featuring transformative beauty tools that will elevate and care for your skin and hair


Elevate your Routine

Our beauty tools are designed to help elevate your routine, whether it be for your self-care, skincare, haircare, morning and night routine.

Personalize your Experience

Have it your way. Treat your skin and hair when you want and where you want. Our beauty tools are multi-functional to cater to your beauty needs.

Healthy Skin and Hair

Think of it as ordering a delicious cocktail, but instead of a cocktail, you're ordering something unique for your skin and hair that will give you endless benefits.

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Sharing The Love

This device is magic! I have been using this amazing mask regularly for 6 weeks now. I have been alternating between red, violet and white and I have noticed obvious results

Trish G.

Ok listen ladies — you need this heatless curler in your life. I love creating different curls with this tool and best of all, I don’t have to use any heat which helps my color treated hair a lot!

Alyssa L.